GreenSeed Environmental Construction
Fencing Services
At GreenSeed, we offer varied types of fencing services to provide you with the fence that fits your needs and budget. We offer three different types of fences: Standard fencing, including the box fence and fences with lattice. We also offer custom fences. 

Fences can be installed to follow the contours of the landscape, as shown above.
Fences with lattice on top add a touch of class to any garden!

An example of a subtle gate embedded into a fence. Extra length is available to keep your pets in the yard!

This strongly built  western red cedar fence and gate ensures privacy and security, while remaining simple and practical. 
Privacy is key with fences installed to separate your backyard from others. 
Beautiful long 6ft tall cedar fence, complete with hidden gate, protects you and your children from traffic of nearby streets. 
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